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Bangalore Temple Project



Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja first expressed his desire to have a temple in Bangalore when he was in Jagannath Puri – in the year 2004.
He said that the temple should be of moderate size for ease of maintenance and that it should be located either in the city or at least on the periphery


After ten years of effort, in 2014, by the grace of Guru Gauranga, 13,000 sq ft of
land was identified and purchased by the BhaktivedantaTrust of Bangalore.

This piece of agricultural land designated for the temple is in the midst of a well
organized, thoughtfully designed BMRDA approved residential layout
(LAO/03/2013 dt. 24/01/2014) – which is on 12.39 acres with Villa Plotsmeasuring
1,200 sq ft, 1500 sq ft and 2,400 sq ft .

These Villa Plots are suitable for immediate construction of houses; around
thirty devotee families have already purchased plots near the temple site.

Each family that bought a site, also gave an extra donation that helped to buy
the temple site.Other congregationmembers also helped generously.

Now the trust has a roughly rectangular site that measures 13,000 sq ft or about
75 x 160 ft. The temple will have dimensions of 63’ x 63’ and the rest would be
used for gardening and small cottages for guests.


The temple site is also surrounded by one acre of land that is designated as park land for public use.

The developers, who are favorable, will plant trees in the park area for the service of the Deities and the Vaisnavas. Thus, there will be
abundant fruits and flowers of all varieties available year round. This lovely park area will be a walking place for the many hundreds of
families within the gated community and the temple will be the centerpiece of it all

The vision is to create a temple along with guest facilities that can serve as a gateway for visitors who would like to visit and tour South
India. This applies especially to devotees who would like to travel the path of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu in the south. The climate is far
more temperate and balanced than the north, so it ismuchmore comfortable all year round.

It can also serve as a place to visit in betweenVrindavana and Navadwipa parikramas when the climate is so cold in the north.



The layout is just 4 km from Sarjapura Bus Stand, Bangalore. The
Project is also near Sarjapura Main Road, where Wipro Corporate office
is located.

 Sarjapura is a town located towards the south-east of Bangalore. It is a
fast-developing part of Bangalore with good road connectivity to key IT
cluster areas like Whitefield (15 km), Electronic City (19 km), Outer Ring
Road (16 km), Marathahalli and Koramangala.

 ITmajor, Infosys has acquired 202 acres of land in Sarjapura to set up an
IT SEZ. It is fairly close to Whitefield as well, which is the original area
where the IT phenomena first began in Bangalore.

 Thus all the houses being built in the area are owned by professionals
who work in these areas for large international electronics and software
companies. Unlike most of Bangalore, these new developments are all
planned communities and will be very clean, orderly and free from the
commercial traffic and noise of the regular city.





Bhoomi Puja (top left) Borewell (bottom left and right)
At present the foundation is being dug in preparation for pouring the
This page will be updated as the different stages of construction are initiated.

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